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stufly – aka Stu Flynn. Sunshine Coast music producer | 0414 505 393

I specialise in electronic music  production and composition. Influences are pop, indie, folk, rock, funk, chill out & dance. I use keyboards and samples as my primary tools of the trade, but I do partner with great session musicians and mastering engineers to add extra polish to my tracks. I focus on aesthetics, groove and emotion.

Commercial production work has included jingles, albums, plays, TV & festivals as well as releasing 2 albums of my own – (collaborations) and (colours) as shown below. I’m always on the lookout for top line singer songwriters to collaborate with on my next music releases.

A selection of videos below

Instrumental dark chill out. Unique quirky beats.

Instrumental chill out pads and arps. Made for relaxation.

Ghost feat Jeff Oldfield

by stufly | Collaborations

Retro chill out collaboration with veteran singer/songwriter from Adelaide Australia.

The one feat Elle Ray

by stufly | colours

Upbeat indie collaboration featuring award nominated songwriter from Canada.


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